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Wednesday PM Linkage



    · Three chefs later, Bobo (Village's prettiest?) nabs one star from Bruni [NYT]
    · Flatiron's Allegretti is classic French food without the French attitude [NYP]

    · Meanwhile, Corton is fancy French food with slightly more attitude [Bloomberg] · Chowder at Bussaco will make you want to move to Park Slope (not really) [NYDN]
    · The Libertine: 'salt on top of fat on top of meat on top of starch' [NYT]
    · R.I.P.: Starwich (Yes, all of them) [Eater]
    · 40% of TONY readers don't know what Grimaldi's is known for [TONY]
    · Having a moment: bourbon, bourbon bars [NYP]
    · "Newark" "getting" "it's own" "Zagat" "guide" [AP]

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