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Thursday PM Linkage



    · Hotel Penn still an 'impropable cash cow.' Wow. [TRE]
    · Nabes not hurt by housing 'for the needy' [Crain's]

    · They want a bike lane in Washington Heights. Where will it end? [Streetsblog] · Screw Willis Ave., call it Willie Ave. or Willy Ave. [CityRoom]
    · Just like Ambien: Staten Island has a new land use team [TRD]
    · Manhattan Bridge Archway makeover underway [Gothamist]
    · Prospect Heights bar crowd got naked on election night. Really. [Daily Intel]
    · You thought your street made you want to puke [PMFA]
    · UPS delivers Smartcar to Carroll Gardens [GL]
    · Are they building something here or is it a rotting, stinking corpse? [Stoner]
    · The waterworks are flowing: No more Commerce Bank branches [McBrooklyn]

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