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Red Hook Lobster Rolls, Week 2

Did you wait two hours in Dumbo last week for a lobster roll? The Red Hook Lobster Pound crew apologizes, tries again



    Red Hook Lobster Rolls, Week 2
    Elizabeth Bougerol
    The Red Hook Lobster Pound roll.

    You may have heard that last weekend, a throng of eaters waited in line at the Brooklyn Flea for two! hours! to score a lobster roll from the Red Hook Lobster Pound crew, who debuted their Flea stall that day. The whole scene was ugly, and nobody – from the customers to the owners – was happy. And the RHLP blog was atwitter all week long with apologies and promises to “streamline” the preparation process.

    Come this Sunday, we popped by and... success! We stood on line for 20 minutes, tops. And sure enough, the concoction – with its whisper of house-made mayo coasting the sweet lobster meat, jammed into an excellent, butter-griddled J.J. Nissen roll -- is one of the most satisfyingly no-frills lobster rolls we’ve had outside of a Maine dock. There are far worse ways to spend $13.