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Prepared Foods With a Pedigree at Bklyn Larder



    Prepared Foods With a Pedigree at Bklyn Larder

    In its five-year existence, Prospect Heights’s Franny’s has garnered a rabid following, but even its most faithful customers can’t subsist entirely on the restaurant’s clam pizzas, bucatini with ramps, and nettle crostini (no matter how hard we try). That’s why owners Andrew Feinberg and Francine Stephens have built Bklyn Larder, a specialty-foods shop opening tomorrow just a couple of blocks up Flatbush Avenue. The clean-lined store is putatively intended to serve the culinary needs of home cooks in search of high-end imports like Latini pasta and Italian apricot jam. That’s well and good, but not what will inspire trans-borough pilgrimages. What will do that, we’d wager, is the rotating roster of prepared foods, which can be packed to go (in biodegradable containers) or eaten on premises, if you’re able to snag one of the eight counter-height seats. This week’s starting lineup includes Greenmarket-direct veggies (a Franny’s forte) and the first-ever sandwiches with the Franny’s imprimatur. The menu changes daily. We've got tomorrow's, below, along with a look at the interior. Watch the slideshow

    Tuesday, June 2, 2009


    1. Salami and Provolone with Hot Pickles

    2. Grilled Cheese — Castellano Spanish Sheep’s Milk (cheese will always change)

    3. Bacon and Hard-Boiled Egg

    4. Tuna and Anchovy

    5. Prosciutto and Butter

    6. Rapini and Prima Cacciota

    Prepared Foods


    broccoli rabe

    roasted potatoes

    sugar snap peas

    couscous w/ raisins and almonds

    chickpeas with tomato, olives and green garlic

    marinated octopus

    stuffed leg of lamb with mint and green garlic

    veal meatballs


    Bklyn Larder, 228 Flatbush Ave., nr. Sixth Ave., Park Slope, Brooklyn; 718-783-1250

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