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Häagen Dazs Goes Head-to-Head With Fro-Yo



    Häagen Dazs Goes Head-to-Head With Fro-Yo
    Haagen Dazs
    So what if Häagen Dazs gets a little fancy with its pineapple coconut? Nobody said war was kind.

    Remember a time when peace reigned in the frozen confectionary world? Before there were wars? Before fro-yo was even a word? Before green tea was a legitimate flavor and Captain Crunch a topping? Before some marketing genius was able to convince obese Americans that the sweet stuff was actually good for them? Before even Ben and Jerry’s started filling ice cream with as much ridiculousness as it could fit in a pint?

    Remember, in short, a simpler time, when a man could make up a perfectly Swedish sounding fake name and strike it rich? The good old days may be back.

    Häagen Dazs is taking on the fro-yo fad head-on by opening a store caddy-corner from the Pinkberry on Sixth Avenue and 14th Street and just down the block from a Red Mango (the windows were plastered with Häagen-signage just last night.)

    Häagen Dazs, despite its deceptively Euro name, was started in the Bronx in the 1920’s by a man who grew up selling popsicles out of his mother’s horse-drawn cart. For years they sold three flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Coffee.  The company, which sold to Pillsbury in 1983, has since added fancier concoctions (and yes, even frozen yogurt) to cater to consumers ever-evolving and evidently elusive tastes.
    Will HD be able to pull yogurt-bloated butts out of little white plastic chairs? Hopefully. And then we can all go back to eating good ice cream made from non-dubious ingredients and saying “remember fro-yo? What were we thinking?”
    If you can't wait to get your hands on a real sugar cone, head a few blocks over to the corner of West Fourth and 11th Street where Cafe Cluny is hawking some old-fashioned goodness from a cart just outside the restaurant.