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Fergus Henderson's Special Momofuku Menu Unveiled



    Fergus Henderson's Special Momofuku Menu Unveiled

    As you may or may not have heard, one of Britain's most acclaimed chefs, Fergus Henderson, is coming stateside this weekend for a now annual event FergusStock. He's making an appearance in the kitchen of the Spotted Pig on Sunday, followed by a stint at Momofuku Noodle Bar on Monday. Yesterday we revealed the special Spotted Pig menu, but the people have been clamoring for the details on Momofuku. It's only fair to let everyone make an educated decision on which night they'll gorge on offal. So here she is, deep fried rabbit, confit of pig's cheek and dandelion, and all. UPDATE: One thing we forgot to mention—Noodle Bar will be open until 2 a.m.

    Fergus' Special Menu
    celeriac & boiled knollcrest egg – 9
    grilled chitterlings (niman ranch) – 15
    deep fried lamb brains & green sauce (jamison farm, pa) – TBD
    crispy pig’s tails (heritage foods & bev eggleston, va) – 18
    confit of pig's cheek & dandelion (niman ranch) – 18
    deep fried rabbit (hudson valley) – 41
    roasted bone marrow & parsley salad – 18
    snail, trotter, sausage & chickpeas (bev eggleston, va) – 24
    warm pig’s head and bean salad (bev eggleston, va) – 25
    duck fat & garlic baked potatoes – 7

    soy sauce egg – 2
    7 spice potato chips – 3
    momofuku jars – pickles / kimchi – 4

    glidden point oysters (edgecomb, me) – tomato gelée, pickled celery – 3
    barron point oysters (skookum inlet, ma) – spicy pickled mango – 3
    hamachi – beet, horseradish, apple – 16
    chilled hawaiian blue prawns – sauce gribiche – 13

    Noodle bar etc.
    steamed buns – chicken 9 / shiitake 9 / pork 9
    smoked chicken wings – pickled chili, garlic, scallions – 11
    ramen – chicken 12 / shredded pork 12
    momofuku ramen – pork combo, poached egg – 16
    kimchi stew – braised kimchi, rice cakes, shredded pork – 16
    ginger scallion – dressed noodles, seasonal vegetables – 11

    roasted skate wing – brussels sprouts, kimchi, bacon – 21
    bouchot mussels – miso garlic sausage, black kale, fennel – 17
    roasted hanger steak – nugget potatoes, kimchi butter – 21
    bibim gooksu – chilled somen noodles, kimchi, sesame, fried egg – 12
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