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Economy Be Damned: Bottle $ervi¢e Alive and Well at Marquee



    Holla atcha free-spending boys!
    Photo: Imaxtree

    Bottle service may or may not be over in the world of JE Englebert, but what about top dogs like, say, Marquee? Noah Tepperberg tells us that bottle sales are down an estimated 10 percent this quarter, but there’s still a long line to get in every night. That’s why he’s going to keep pushing the sort of wildly marked-up bottles that Frank Bruni was appalled by yesterday. ($250 for a bottle of Ketel One at Cafeteria? Come on, Frank, that’s a steal!) Tepperberg tells us, “Marquee will 100 percent continue to do bottle service. Even though part of our clientele makes a living in the financial sector, we still have a lot of customers that will expect and who can afford the luxury of bottle service.”

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