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    · Calorie Counts Now to Appear on Ads in Subway Cars [NYP]
    · Heston Blumenthal’s Lavish New 12 lb. Cookbook Costs 100 Quid [Guardian]
    · Former Manhattan Chef Pays Investors in “Comfort Dollars” [NYP]
    · Brooklyn Restaurant Thief Arrested Thanks to DNA Match [NYP]
    · Dorrian’s Bouncer Linked to “Preppy Murder” Case Assaults Restaurant Mgr. [NYP]
    · Famed Sandwich Shop Alidoro Expands to The Randolph [NYM]
    · Clam Pizza Making a Comeback, and Where to Get It [NYM]
    · Spruced-Up Kellogg Diner to Reopen This Week, But Many Prefer the Original [NYT]
    · Playboy Wines Are Here [Epicurious]
    · PDT Bartenders Teach Home Bartending Class [Eat]
    · Forget Kraft Singles, Check Out Brand New Peanut Butter Slices [SE]
    · The World's (or France's) Greatest Restaurant in 1969 [Gourmet]

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