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2008 Vendy Award Finalists Announced



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    The ballots are in and the judges, satiated — it's time to declare the city's five finest food carts, a pool from which there will be one cart to rule them all. Ed Levine notes that for only the second time a "hipster truck" is included amongst the nominees: Calexico Carne Asada's Vendley Brothers, who also snagged a nom in 2006. "In fact," writes Ed, "the surprise is that there aren't more hipster vendors among the finalists." And he's right: With Endless Summer and El Diablo taco trucks, Van Leeuwan Ice Cream, the Treat Truck fleet, Dessert Truck, even Wafels & Dinges (and its waffelgänger), you'd think there might be a little more recognition. Perhaps the Vendy committee is trying to preserve the purity of the stand-alone cart? We guess that when you put them up against the Dosa Man or Soler Dominican, the trendy-truck crew might seem like interlopers.

    Let's meet the five finalists, shall we?

    Fauzia Abdur-Rahman from “Fauzia’s Delights”
    161st Street and Sheridan Avenue, Bronx

    Meru Sikder from “Biriyani Cart”
    46th Street and Sixth Avenue, Manhattan

    Mohammed Rahman from “Kwik Meal”
    45th Street and Sixth Avenue, Manhattan

    Rafael Soler from “Soler Dominican”
    Clinton Street and Bay Street, Brooklyn (weekends only)

    The Vendley Brothers (Jesse, Brian, Dave) from “Calexico Carne Asada”
    Wooster and Prince Streets, Manhattan

    Bonus: Meet the nominees doing what they do best.

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