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Tonight: A Very Viral HallowMEME

LOLcats. Cake wrecks. The “F-U Penguin” creatures. Web memes crowd the LES tonight



    Tonight: A Very Viral HallowMEME
    Take on meme: Jailyard "Thriller" is a popular costume choice.

    It’ll be a veritable RSS feed of memes tonight on the Lower East Side as the Know Your Meme/URLesque.comHappy HallowMEME Costume Party takes over Fontana’s. Why does this fright night party one-up all others? 'Cause you have to dress as something from the virtual landscape.

    Allow us to demonstrate: No, you can’t come as Michael Jackson. But you can, say, pick up an orange jumpsuit and come as one of the prisoners from the Filipino jailyard “Thriller” dance. Some of you will be digging out the velvet ears for your tried-and-true sexy cat costume (you know who you are, ladies), but may we suggest pairing that with a comically undersized sink? Or how about a Hitler mustache? Or just, you know, stuff on you?

    If these suggestions don’t work, head to the Costume Builder at Know Your Meme, one of the sponsors of tonight’s fest. There, they literally break down what you’ll need for various meme costumes, from Aretha’s Inaugu-Hat to Vince the ShamWow Guy. Make it good, people, because those maniacs from URLesque – a.k.a. the best-named site in all cyberdom – will be roving through the party bestowing prizes on the best-dressed.

    Happy HallowMEME Costume Party
    October 30, 9PM-late
    Fontana’s, 105 Eldridge Street; 212-334-6740
    More info at