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The Knitting Factory Reopens Wednesday

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    The Knitting Factory Reopens Wednesday
    Making musical tapestry at the Knitting Factory.

    The Knitting Factory is reopening on Wednesday in its new Williamsburg location that comes complete with a "Knit Bar" that features local and craft brews, wines, and specialty organic cocktails. Here's a list of upcoming shows. [The Feedbag]

    After weeks of publicity stemmed from its guests' naked displays in the windows, the Standard Hotel is turning up its chin to the annual West Village Leather & Bear Street Fair. [Curbed]

    A handful of Brooklyn residents may lose their homes and businesses to the city if it moves forward with plans to build 1,895 low-rise apartments. [Gothamist]

    A Chinese food deliveryman who was struck by a FDNY car is in critical condition in an intensive care unit at Lutheran Medial Center. He works at Good Friend 88 restaurant, and has two kids. [NY Daily News]

    The New York Post sort of responded to accusations that its company policy forbids journalists from crediting blogs and other competitors for scoops, after a reporter essentially copied a Brooklyn blogger's two week-old post. [Niemanlab]

    Here's the list of what 6,000 New York Times readers are reading on the subway. Surprisingly, the New York Times is the most-read newspaper! [NY Times]

    On Wednesday, Google and Hasbro are launching the world's biggest Monopoly game, online! Players can buy everything. [Mashable]