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"Dr. Strangelove" or: A Black Comedy Turns 45

Film Forum dusts off Stanley Kubrick's morbid classic for a weeklong run



    "Dr. Strangelove" or: A Black Comedy Turns 45
    Dr. Strangelove
    George C. Scott, on the (nuclear) warpath in Dr. Strangelove.

    1964's h-bomb faux-valentine "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" kicks off a weeklong run at Film Forum tonight, celebrating its 45th anniversary with a spanking new 35mm restoration.

    See it on the big screen for a bunch of reasons: Because it's a milestone of black comedy, because Peter Sellers and George C. Scott were rarely better in their respective careers, and because it's that rare piece of celluloid that somehow doesn't feel dated, nearly half a century on.

    Maybe that's because many of the jokes skewering nuclear-warfare politicking still seem sadly, deeply relevant today. (And because Stanley Kubrick made this, which should absolve him once and for all of "Eyes Wide Shut" stoning, people -- though if you're a fan, that movie screens at the IFC this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at midnight.)

    Dr. Strangelove, 45th Anniversary Event
    5/22-28, daily schedule varies
    Film Forum, 209 West Houston Street at Varick Street
    (212) 627-2035 $11 (members $6)
    More Info: Film Forum website