10/30: Candlelight “Phantom” at Trinity Church - NBC New York

10/30: Candlelight “Phantom” at Trinity Church

Plus “The Shining” at midnight, and a decadent retro masquerade



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    Lon Chaney does "Phantom" like nobody.

    MASK APPEAL: Forget everything you know about “The Phantom of the Opera” – “Music of the Night” is like a thumb war with Elmo compared to the deep gothic horror of the 1925 silent film with Lon Chaney. At Wall Street’s Trinity Church, see the nightmare-inducing original in the eeriest of settings, surrounded by dripping candelabras and live accompaniment on the organ. 8PM. (Also: show up early to ceremoniously toast the grave of Alexander Hamilton in the churchyard.)

    ALL WORK, NO PLAY: Can you think of a better movie to watch at midnight on Halloween Eve than "The Shining"? We sure can't. Stephen King apparently never got behind this Stanley Kubrick adaptation of his novel, and to that, we respectfully say: Suck it, Stephen King. This movie is six kinds of genius. And essential to see on a big screen, if you've never had the pleasure. Plus: Hi-def! IFC, 11:45PM. (Also on Saturday.)

    SIZZLE: There’s plenty of costumed debauchery to be had around town tonight. Our pick? The Dreamland Orchestra’s Halloween Eve Masquerade at the Green Building on the banks of the Gowanus. On the menu: Charleston dancers, avant-garde choreography from The Love Show, and plenty of live hot jazz from Dreamland, fronted by the transplanted-from-another-era Michael Arenella, plus lots more, including mixologists from Court and Spark on hand to keep your thirst – and sobriety – at bay. 9PM.

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