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Your Guide to This Week’s 6 Unsnobby Art Fairs



    Your Guide to This Week’s 6 Unsnobby Art Fairs
    Don't miss them.

    Art-world snobbery gets shelved this week, as six art fairs opening around town tonight or tomorrow make an economy-inspired effort to be democratic and welcoming -- even to outworlders (hint: wear black, sip wine, look bored). Can't tell Pulse from Scope without a scorecard? Here's one!


    Scene: Art-world mecca

    Dealers: Deitch Projects, Marlborough, Marianne Boesky, Robert Miller

    Patently obvious efforts to be more inclusive: Has slashed ticket prices to Wednesday's opening-night MoMA benefit to $100 from $250; Top collectors like Evelyn Lauder, Susan Goodman opening homes for tours.

    Celebs you might spot shopping: Lance Armstrong, Mary-Kate Olsen, Calvin Klein

    Weirdest performance piece planned: An all-day spray painting of Pier 94 by Kenny Schachter

    Specifics: Piers 92 and 94, 55th St. and Twelfth Ave., March 4-8, $30, $10 students


    Scene: Scholarly -- in a good way

    Dealers: I-20, Nicholas Robinson, Magnan Projects

    Patently obvious effort to be more inclusive: Theme of the one-artist shows is the universal "Age of Anxiety." Plus: expanded T-shirt shop.

    Celeb you might see shopping: Mera Rubell

    Weirdest performance piece planned: Post-modern hors d'oeuvre. Experimental-artist-pastry-chef Tara Strickstein will serve "imaginative flavor pairings combined with a unique sense of social ritual based in art theory."

    Specifics: 7 W. 34th St., March 5-8, $15


    Scene: Scrappy kitchen-sink mix of dirt-cheap and established art

    Dealers: RARE, Mike Weiss, Greene Contemporary, 33 bond

    Patently obvious effort to be more inclusive: Usually invite-only preview party Wednesday is open to the public ($100); silent auction features "welding lessons"

    Celeb you might spot shopping: David Byrne

    Weirdest performance piece planned: "Cheap, Fast and Out of Control" music program offers an Electric Junkyard Gamelan.

    Specifics: Lincoln Center Damrosch Park, 62nd St. & Tenth Ave., March 4-8; $15, $10 students


    Scene: Packed snapshot of the "emerging" scene

    Dealers: Mixed Greens, Schroeder Romero, PPOW, Margaret Thatcher Projects, Freight + Volume

    Patently obvious effort to be more inclusive: Video lounge is showing artists' YouTube-video playlists

    Celeb you might spot shopping: Tobey Maguire

    Weirdest Performance Piece Planned: Tomorrow, in an eleven-hour performance, Moroccan artist Miriam Cabessa will use her body to roll paint across the floor

    Specifics: Pier 40, 353 West St. at Houston, March 5-9; $20, $15 students and seniors


    Scene: Salute to global "on-the-verge" art; several dealers from resort locations (Grand Cayman, isle of Capri, Buenos Aires) make this a good place to make friends

    Dealers: Art 101, Charlotta Janssen, Double Luck of Beijing

    Patently obvious effort to be more inclusive: "ArtOut"; service pairs up art lovers and artists so they can "get into their minds"

    Celeb you might see shopping: Digital-porn innovator Sergio Messina

    Weirdest performance piece planned: In a virtual happening, a Cadillac Fleetwood is demolished online in Second Life

    Specifics: 222 Twelth Ave., March 5-8, $15, $10 for students


    Scene: Low-key fair for people who hate art fairs

    Dealers: Glowlab, Leo Kesting, Brooklyn's Ad Hoc, Definition, and Front Room

    Patently obvious effort to be more inclusive: Copious beer; a "meet the artists" reception Friday night

    Celeb you might see shopping: Jon Stewart

    Weirdest performance piece planned: None, but there is a benefit for the Swoon collective's plan to sail floating sculptures from Slovenia to this summer's Venice Biennale

    Specifics: Pier 66, 26th & Hudson River Park; March 5-8, suggested donation of $5

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