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What You're Doing Tonight, 6/9

PJ Harvey and John Parish commune at the Beacon, writer-director Arthur Laurents discusses a half-century of Hollywood, and finally: learn How to Walk in High Heels (for real).



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    If you haven't properly learned how to walk in high heels, these could be challenging.

    GETTING A LEG UP: Honestly, we can't rock three inches of heel for more than 10 minutes without begging for mercy (and flip-flops). We thought we were wimpy, but it turns out we just don't know what we're doing. If you can relate, join us at How to Walk in High Heels, a (serious) seminar on being a Pumps girl while keeping your back and leg health in check. Feldenkrais Institute, 6:30-9:30PM.

    APPLAUDING AN ODD COUPLE: Longtime collaborators PJ Harvey and John Parish have recorded another disc, A Woman a Man Walked By. Get a taste of it (and hear older numbers, too) as they take the stage together at the Beacon. 8PM.

    WORSHIPPING THE MASTER: Writer-director Arthur Laurents has seen it all, and poured his half-century(ish) of Hollywood experiences into his book "Mainly on Directing." At the Strand tonight, he'll hit on as many highlights as an hour and a half will allow -- we're hoping for gossip about Hitchcock, Elia Kazan and Leonard Bernstein. A girl can dream. 7PM.