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Was Tina Fey Addressing McFlurrygate on 30 Rock?



    Was Tina Fey Addressing McFlurrygate on 30 Rock?
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    Tina Fey and the "art" of product placement.

    Call us delusional, call us self-absorbed, call us whatever you like, but we couldn't help feeling a bit like Thursday's episode of 30 Rock was Vulture's Susan Boyle moment, with a few minor exceptions: Our moment only lasted three seconds, and we definitely have better eyebrows (despite the fact that we're dudes). As you'll no doubt recall, we questioned whether or not multiple mentions of McFlurries in a February episode of 30 Rock was, in fact, product placement. Well, it turned out it wasn't, as Tina Fey herself told us. We've since moved on with our lives, but the whole incident came flooding back into our mind grapes last night when Liz Lemon, while ensconced in a Slanket, uttered the phrase, "It's not product placement, I just like it!" to a slightly bewildered Jack Donaghy. Needless to say, we promptly passed out on the spot. Thanks, Tina!

    Also, how great was it when Kenneth blurted out "My real name is Dick Whitman!" after passing out due to an overdose of strawberries? We'll tell ya ... so great!

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