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Trainer Fattens Up to Identify With Clients

Male model-turned fitness trainer is packing on the pounds so he can relate to his overweight clients



    Trainer Fattens Up to Identify With Clients
    A trainer in Melbourne is gaining weight so he can empathize better with his overweight clients.

    How many times have you been mid-crunch at the gym when your trainer says something like "Come on, you can do better than that!" and you think, "Easy for you to say, you were born with washboard abs. I hate you"? Lots of times, right?

    Perhaps you should be working out with Paul 'PJ' James. This Australian trainer -- who once catwalked as a runway model in Milan -- is ditching his washboard abs for a body he hopes will make him better understand the challenges facing his overweight clients. Starting out at 175lbs. in January, he's added 42 lbs. in just a couple of months (mostly in the stomachular region, according to this photo where he looks pregnant). James hopes to hit 280 lbs. by the end of March. His secret? "Pasta, cream sauces and chocolate," according to the Daily Mail, plus beer daily and -- most importantly -- no exercise whatsoever.

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