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NYC Breaks "Thriller" Zombie-Dance Guinness World Record

U.S. rips record from Canada's cold, undead hands



    NYC Breaks "Thriller" Zombie-Dance Guinness World Record
    Doug Benc/Getty Images
    Zombies re-renacted the "Thriller" dance to break a world record this morning in New York

    All together now: Slide to the side, clap over head - and let me see those bug eyes!

    Gothamist reports that 73 zombies rushed Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum this morning in Times Square to re-enact the already endlessly re-enacted (yet unfailingly awesome) "zombie break" sequence from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. The dancers - who'd been training with a Crunch fitness instructor dispatched to Times Square at 8AM to break their will teach them the moves - apparently gathered beneath their god, the wax Jacko figure (or was it really him? hard to tell these days, and not because the Tussaud's techs are especially talented) as Guinness reps witnessed the feat.

    We were a little saddened to learn the whole thing was a gimmick orchestrated to plug the museum, but that was quickly replaced by smugness at reclaiming the record previously set by Torontonians in '06 (73 zombies to your 62: take THAT, Canada!). YouTube has footage of Canada's record-breaking moment. Not bad, except you know what's missing? That's right. SIXTEEN PERCENT MORE ZOMBIES. So, yeah. Go ahead and laugh at our little war/recession/apocalypse scenario. We're going to be just fine.

    (Bonus: The Canucks went to on organize ThrillTheWorld, an annual event to get "Thriller"ers to do the dance all around the globe. Okay, fine, but we own the whole in-one-place record. So, nyah.)