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Most New Yorkers Say They're Worse Off Than Last Year

New study shows NYC's outlook is probably even bleaker than you thought. Happy Holidays!



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    New Yorkers are feeling even more financially blue this holiday season than you might have thought, according to a new poll.

    Everything sucks, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll about New Yorkers' finances and the holiday season.

    More than half (56 percent) of the 1500+ New Yorkers surveyed say they're worse off financially compared with a year ago. Weirdly, 24 percent claim they're doing better than they were this time last year, while 19 percent report no change. More fun details include 58 percent reporting they're planning to spend less on gifts this holiday season, and 41 percent claiming they'd canceled plans for a holiday trip and will be hanging around the city instead. Interestingly, blacks and Hispanics surveyed were more optimistic than whites about things looking up.

    And in a non sequitur only Quinnipiac University could come up with, 12 percent of respondents said their favorite thing to do at the holidays was visit the Rockefeller Center Tree.