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Intrepid Discounts for the “Funemployed”



    Intrepid Discounts for the “Funemployed”

    Here's a marketing campaign I can get behind: 15% off most Intrepid tours if you can prove you've been laid off anytime since last September. For those experiencing the joys of "funemployment," it's actually a great time to take off for a while if you can scrape the cash together. With the economy still in the toilet, there aren't many jobs to be had. On the flip side, plenty of foreign locales are feeling the pinch of the economy and begging for tourist dollars.

    Given that combination, it’s never been a better time to get the hell out of dodge. Booking with the Intrepid ”Laid off, take off” deal, you can see Egypt for 15 days for under $1000, Thailand for 13 days for under $700, or see South America (Bolivia, Chile, Patagonia, and Argentina) for 32 days for under $2000. The deal is good for bookings through December and will require proof indicating you’ve been canned. Stop pounding the pavement and start getting drunk on foreign soil.