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Flush the Plumber



    Flush the Plumber
    John Capone
    The Mailin + Goetz on 7th Avenue in Chelsea has just what the Plumber ordered.

    It might be time to put away the cute little election-themed storefront displays and riffs on campaign events. How many people wouldn't mind if they didn't hear "Joe the Plumber" or "Maverick" for a good long time. Weren't all the Palins and Joe the Plumbers cavorting through the Village on Halloween enough?

     According to its storefront window, the Malin + Goetz apothecary on 7th Avenue has skin-care regimens for every skin-type, from "Republican" to "Dog Lover" to "Joe Plumber" (and "Joseph Ex-banker" for an extra ripped-from-the-headlines jolt). This could keep a window letterer busy. Where is the "$3-MetroCard Straphanger" or "Prop 8 Protester"?