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DVF Scent Makes MePa Miss the Maple Syrup Cloud

Diane von Furstenberg's perfume is overtaking the Meat-Packing District like a noxious vapor, residents gripe



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    NEIL RASMUS/Patrickmcmullan.com
    Diane von Furstenberg's signature scent is wafting through downtown.

    In what’s known in the business as a “slow news day,” the Post did some hard-nosed reporting into a developing situation down in the Meat-Packing District, which is filling with a strange smell. No, it’s not the aroma of maple syrup wafting over from Jersey this time: Apparently, residents can’t breathe for the overwhelming aroma of Diane von Furstenberg's signature perfume.

    The scent, we're told, is leaching into the neighborhood through the designer’s flagship store’s air vents. It’s “making people cough”! And no amount of woodsy topnotes can convince the gripers that the situation is anything other than dangerous for their health. Read more at Racked.