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Bad Date Tale Sweeps the Web

An OKCupid dater posts online about a terrible date, and gets lambasted. Then the so-called "UNBelievable jerk" chimes in. It's a tale for the '00s, folks.



    Bad Date Tale Sweeps the Web
    joenannah/Flickr Creative Commons
    One couple's date -- and how it went terribly wrong -- is sweeping the internet.

    So a woman goes on a date with a guy she met online, and things don't go quite the way she was expecting. And so she fires up her computer and writes a post about it the next day, and people start to get pretty vocal about her and his behavior, and then he pops in, and, drama - lots of drama, with twists and turns and Gossip Girl-y hijinks - ensues. We're not sure who to side with, to be honest.

    It's the stuff of Shakespeare, and it all makes us wonder, did the impersonal nature of the internet make the dating world more cutthroat, or did it just create a place where these tendencies could flourish on a grand scale? As in, does the web just let jerks be bigger jerks, and deceptive types deceive on a grander scale? Either way, the whole story is giving us a serious case of sad clown face. We'll have to go and comfort ourselves with this story of a couple who got engaged after "meeting" through the comments on Gawker.