Mar 15, 2020

Visiones: HIV/AIDS and the Latino Community

Lynda Baquero speaks with Dr. Vincent Guilamo-Ramos of NYU’s Silver School of Social Work about how HIV/AIDS affects the Latino community.

  • Feb 23, 2020

    Visiones: Hilary Bettis

    Lynda Baquero speaks with playwright Hilary Bettis about her new play “72 Miles to Go,” which is now in previews at the Roundabout Theatre Company.

  • Feb 15, 2020

    Visiones: Woodlawn Cemetery & Conservancy

    Woodlawn Cemetery and Conservancy is giving back by offering a chance to learn marketable skills and preserve a legacy. Lynda Baquero speaks with CEO Mitch Rose and graduate Oliver Moran about the pro...
  • Feb 8, 2020

    Visiones: JGM Project

    Lynda Baquero speaks with Waldo Guevara and Carlos Collado about the JGM Project.

  • Jan 25, 2020

    Visiones: National Puerto Rican Day Parade Scholarships

    Lynda Baquero speaks with Louis Maldonado, chair of the Board of Directors of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, and scholarship recipient Gregory Rivera about hundreds of thousands of dollars in s...

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