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Man Follows Cop Car After Seeing It Swerving, Then Arrests Driver

A man's joyride in a stolen police car came to an end Saturday thanks to the quick thinking of a Good Samaritan.

Chris Marzan began following the police car after he saw it crash onto a curb in Sacramento, California, then continue driving.

It was at that point he noticed the man wasn't wearing a police officer's uniform. 

Eventually the car stopped at a gas station, where Marzan performed a citizen's arrest on the man behind the wheel and waited for police to arrive. 

The entire arrest was captured on Marzan's brand new dashcam camera.

Marzan, a former security guard, says following the car may not have been the best decision, but he'd do it again.

"I stand by my decision because I can't live with myself if something happened to someone," he said.

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