Frequently Asked Questions about WNBC

1. How do I get a DVD or transcript of something I saw on WNBC?

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of something you've seen on WNBC, please contact Video Monitoring Service directly at 212-736-2010.

2. How do I get an autographed picture of News 4 New York personalities?

Autographed photo requests should be mailed to:
News 4 New York Autograph Requests
c/o C. Owens
30 Rockefeller Plaza
7th Floor
New York, NY 10112

Please limit your request to 4 autographed photos maximum.

3. How do I contact News 4 New York with information on a news story?

For breaking news, please call our news desk at (212) 664-2731. Press releases should be  e-mailed to tips@nbcnewyork.com.

4. How do I learn more about Employment Opportunities at News 4 New York?

Click here.

5. How do I learn more about internships at News 4 New York?

Click here.

6. How can I get a satellite waiver?

If you live in WNBC's viewing area, please send a letter to:
NBC America
30 Rockefeller Plaza – 7th Floor
New York, NY 10112

Make sure to include your address/area of residence and the reason you believe you are unable to receive a clear WNBC signal.

If you live outside of WNBC's viewing area (defined below), please send a letter of request to your local NBC affiliate. Click here for a list of stations.

7. What is WNBC’s viewing area?

WNBC’s viewing area is the New York Designated Market Area (DMA), which is a 29 county television market defined by Nielsen Media Research.  A county is assigned to a specific DMA by Nielsen based on historic viewing patterns. The New York DMA is the largest television market in the United States, with over 7.4 million Households and 21 million people.  Some counties in the DMA can receive NBC television signals from neighboring television markets. To see a map, click here.

8. Who should I contact to set up a tour of WNBC's studio/station?

WNBC does not offer public tours of its local station facilities, but NBC does offer guided tours daily that highlight the history of the network and include a visit to some famous studios including The Today Show, Conan O’Brien, NBC Nightly News and Saturday Night Live. More information is available at NBC Studio Tours.

9. How can I find out what time programs are on WNBC?

A schedule of programs on WNBC is published here.

10. Who can I send complaints about programming or other issues to?

Please use the Contact Us form located here. Under the "Subject" pull down menu select "Programming."

11. How can I arrange to have a WNBC anchor/reporter host/come to my event, school, etc.?

Please contact Carole Owens at 212-664-4444.

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