Staten Island

Horses Fall From Moving Trailer on NYC Highway

The driver was able to pull over and corral both animals, police said

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Two horses fell from a moving trailer on a Staten Island Expressway Sunday but managed to escape with just a few cuts and bruises, authorities say.

The animals were on a trailer that somehow broke open as it moved along the southbound West Shore Expressway, near exit 3 at Englewood Avenue, as intermittent rain pounded the five boroughs, according to police.

Two horses that were in the trailer fell out. Cops say the driver was able to pull over and corral them.

They had scrapes and road burns from the fall as well as minor bleeding but were expected to be OK. Both horses were seen being walked from the scene after the accident and appeared not to be in significant distress.

A veterinarian checked them out at the scene and then cleared them to be taken to a veterinary office by another trailer, police said. Both are expected to recover.

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