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This Is Your Brain on Tetris



    This Is Your Brain on Tetris

    Despite its low-tech simplicity, Tetris is one game that can really become obsessive. I've known people who would sit trying to fit those blocks together for hours, until their fingers were raw.

    The 3D Tetris Head from Latvian artist Rihards Rozans is a cool metaphor for the Tetris obsession, showing someone whose entire head is made from the little interlocking shapes. Rozans' design is just a digital rendering for now, but I think an actual physical version would make a very cool art piece.

    The virtual rendering raises a longstanding question: What does Tetris do to our minds? The latest research shows that playing the game may actually improve visuospatial skills. In other words, playing Tetris makes you better at playing Tetris.

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