Yankees Looking At Veteran Center Field Options

While many believe that the Yankees greatest need lies in the starting rotation, I'm of the opinion that the gaping hole in center field will cost them much more than the failure to add CC Sabathia or other big ticket free agents. The old axiom states that you've got to be strong up the middle to win and the Yankees are weaker than a strip club vodka tonic.

They've got Jorge Posada coming off a shoulder injury behind the plate, the regressing Robinson Cano and aging Derek Jeter as a double play combination and, well, no one manning the store in center. The place where Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle and Bernie Williams once roamed could be manned by Brett Gardner or Melky Cabrera. What a way to welcome a new ballpark.

That's why the team is looking into some sturdier options. Internet scuttlebutt has the team sniffing around a trade for Aaron Rowand of the Giants, perhaps in exchange for Hideki Matsui. Losing Matsui is no great shakes, he's got injury issues and the team is well stocked with LF/DH types, but Rowand has his warts. Despite his "gamer" reputation, Rowand's bad offensively, not that good defensively and he's got four years left on an expensive contract.

The more intriguing rumor involves Mike Cameron of the Brewers. He's old at 36 but very good with the glove, NLCS notwithstanding, and offers more offense than Rowand. He becomes a free agent if the Brewers don't pick up a $10 million option, but it would be better for the Yankees if they do. As a free agent he costs the team a draft pick but in a trade the Yankees could rid themselves of someone they don't want instead of sacrificing the future. Cameron would be better than what's on hand and a decent stopgap until someone like Austin Jackson is ready for the big league level.

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