Warriors Finally Oust Chris Mullin

Mullin could join Knicks staff

The writing was on the wall. It was sloppy, oddly colored, and held no defense from the elements, but it was still clear as day. And now the punctuation mark has been cemented.

Chris Mullin is out as the Warriors' General Manager.

Technically, Mullin wasn't ousted. His contract wasn't renewed. Which is a lot like when your high school girlfriend didn't actually dump you, just kind of let things end when you both went to different colleges. Only with millions and millions of dollars and the ability to tell Anthony Randolph what to do.

Thus completes the power struggle between Mullin and head coach Don Nelson. Nelson had continuously stripped Mullin of his power as the last two seasons had progressed after Nelson had gained the favor of ownership. For most of the second part of the season, it was largely assumed Mullin would not be back. The Warriors released a statement tonight confirming just that.

It may seem a little odd that a team that went 29-53 under Nelson's reign thinks that this is the way to go, but as Tim Kawakami points out, much of it has to do with a complex power struggle that revolves around President Robert Rowell. Kawakami also points out that Mullin's replacement, Larry Riley is, ahem... kind of an unknown.

So now the Warriors move forward with Nelson and Riley, looking to continue baffling decisions about a run and gun offense that doesn't always play young players, lacks any semblance of defense, and needs more Moped insurance. Oh, the Warriors. Cooky, man. Cooky.

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