The Mets Want Javier Vazquez

While we probably shouldn't expect any deals to actually go down during the GM meetings going on right now, we can be pretty sure that the foundation for some future trades is being laid down as we speak. Two teams who are looking to make some changes this winter are the White Sox and Mets, and it looks like the two squads could be trade partners pretty soon.

White Sox general manager Kenny Williams made it clear yesterday that both Javier Vazquez and Nick Swisherare on the block, and with the Mets looking to add another starter or two to their rotation, they're taking an interest in Vazquez.

While White Sox GM Ken Williams has gone underground on responding to trade rumors, one from a well-placed source at the general managers meetings said the Mets had interest in Javier Vazquez.

The source did not know what the Mets were offering in return, but it might not be much if they would take the entire $23 million owed to the right-hander for the next two seasons. The Mets are looking for at least one starting pitcher and maybe two.

My guess would be that the Mets would offer Luis Castillo in return for Vazquez, as his $18 million contract would help offset the $23 million still owed to Vazquez. Throw in the fact that the White Sox need a second baseman and that Castillo is a player Ozzie Guillen knows and likes, and it seems to make sense.

What doesn't make as much sense to me is why the Sox are so intent on moving Vazquez.

I may be somewhat alone amongst White Sox fans in saying this, but I don't want the team to trade Vazquez, he's too valuable. Sure, he struggled in the playoffs and is a no-show in big games, but at the same time his performance down the stretch was a big reason why the Sox won the AL Central.

Not to mention that having a fifth starter with the stuff of an ace -- Vazquez can completely dominate at times -- and a knack for winning 12-15 games a season while throwing over 200 innings every season is not exactly a bad thing. So why not just keep him around, and if you make the playoffs against in 2009, just leave him off the postseason roster?

Is that so crazy?

At the same time, though, Vazquez is likely to draw a lot of interest from teams because of all the reasons I just told you, so maybe Kenny Williams is hoping he can help replenish the Sox farm system by moving him. Either way, I don't see how moving Javy makes the Sox a better team in 2009 (unless they get a bunch of prospects and immediately ship those guys somewhere else), and that is supposed to be their goal.

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