Paul DePodesta Explains Why Trading Jake Peavy Makes Sense

Jake Peavy

Just in case you weren't convinced that the Padres were serious about trading Jake Peavy, you might want to take a look at Paul DePodesta's blog. DePodesta, the former Dodgers GM who currently resides in San Diego's front office as an adviser to Kevin Towers, explained how teams have frequently managed to improve immediately after losing their best player:

* The 2008 Indians were 37-51 when they traded CC Sabathia, and then went 43-30.
* The 2007 Twins finished 79-83, traded Johan Santana and let Torii Hunter leave in free agency, and then went 88-75 in 2008.
* The 2003 Rangers finished 71-91, traded Alex Rodriguez, and then went 89-73 in 2004.
* The 1996 Giants finished 68-94, traded Matt Williams, and then went 90-72 in 1997.

[...] On a personal level, we don't enjoy trading players. I don't know any executive who does. However, that just isn't the reality of today's game. Because of that fact, the best organizations out there can't really believe in the concept of "untouchable", because one can lose great opportunities with such blinders.

Just like I said earlier this week, the Padres should be able to get back a nice haul of talent if they trade Peavy, who's not only one of NL's most consistent aces but also signed through 2012. It's no wonder that teams are apparently chomping at the bit to get Padres Towers on the phone -- the Yankees have reportedly had preliminary talks (despite Peavy's previous suggest that he'd block a trade to the AL), the Braves are allegedly already having serious talks and the Mets are thinking about throwing their hat in the ring. Where there's smoke, there's fire, and DePodesta is fanning the flames.

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