Minka Kelly Is Derek Jeter's Latest Foible

Everyone knows the book on Derek Jeter now. He's seemingly uninterested in monogamy, and he has dated all of the women that you, if you're anywhere between the age of 18-35, have at one point fantasized about in the past, oh, five years. Jeter's range off the field extends far beyond his range on it.

The latest? Jeter is apparently dating someone named Minka Kelly, who is apparently on Friday Night Lights, which I admit I have never seen. I'll watch it on DVD some day:

The baseball star, 34, and the Friday Night Lights actress, 28, were spotted cozying up together in Austin, Texas, last Wednesday at the live music club, Momo's, to listen to soul singer Dan Dyer. The twosome looked "together and happy," says one onlooker.

The onlooker also reported that they were "speaking to each other," "occasionally sipping beverages," and "intermittently smiling." What intrepid reporting! I've gotta say: Celebrity journalism actually seems easier than blogging. I've chosen the wrong profession.

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