Michael Strahan Engaged to Eddie Murphy's Ex-Wife

Strahan has new sitcom to go with his new fiancee

Michael Strahan had a bit of an, ahem, rough patch during the end of his first marriage, getting housecleaned by now-ex-wife Jean all over the place. But despite that nasty, nasty set of proceedings, and the likely emotional trauma that followed, Strahan is getting right back up on that horse, as People reported Tuesday that the FOX analyst is now engaged to Eddie Murphy's ex-wife, Nicole Murphy.

Double bonus? The pilot for Strahan's new FOX sitcom, Brothers, was picked up by the network.

"I have a great relationship and she's a great girl," says Strahan, who is a father of four. "I don't like to talk much about my private life, but I'm really happy."

"It was a pretty great day," Strahan's manager tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Strahan and Murphy may be celebrating now, but in late February their relationship seemed much rockier. The New York Post reported that Strahan suspected Murphy of cheating on him and installed a tracking device in her car, which she found (Strahan was also accused by his ex-wife of spying on her during their marriage). But, according to the Post, Strahan was right, as they reported that Murphy was cheating on him with Demetrius Spencer, an A&R executive from Universal Records.

Also, allow me to say that the capitalistic crimes being committed by the various networks need to end now: Why can't NBC just sell My Name Is Earl to FOX (or, potentially worse, Chuck) instead of forcing Rupert & Co. to grant Strahan more air time? It makes little to no sense -- after all, athletes are constantly jumping from team to team, why can't sitcoms? (Update: I've been informed that FOX already passed on Earl for the greatness that will be Brothers ... which leads me to believe that I should just stop trying to believe in network television altogether.)

Whatever, congrats to Strahan on the greatest day of all time: for a guy who's seemingly been in the limelight for some awkwardly embarrassing stuff (like making fun of his quarterback, the aforementioned divorce, allegedly keeping tabs on Murphy via tracking device, etc.), he does have a Super Bowl ring, he got hired by a major network to guffaw with Jimmy Johnson, and now he's getting remarried to Eddie Murphy's very attractive ex-wife in addition to "starring" in what should be a "hit" sitcom. So good for him. 

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