Eric Mangini Uses Analogy to Ask Brett Favre to Quit Throwing So Many Dumb Interceptions

This is outta nowhere: Jets head coach Eric Mangini wants quarterback Brett Favre, the NFL's interception leader, (tied with J.T. O'Sullivan!) to quit throwing so many, um, interceptions. Seems sorta drastic since this is all part of Brett's process; Mangini must've known what he was getting when he sent a second-round pick to Green Bay for Favre.

I mean, you don't become the career leader in interceptions by accident; Brett has a long history of heaving-and-hoping, and last week's Chiefs game was a microcosm of that. This isn't to suggest that Favre isn't a Hall of Famer, or that he can't still lead an NFL team, just to point out that the guy is habitually throwing passes to the other team.

Which, undoubtedly, prompted this little get-together between coach and player:

Considering Eric Mangini's understated coaching style, it's probably a safe bet he didn't deliver a "stop-throwing-interceptions" rant Tuesday in his weekly office chat with Brett Favre. But they did discuss the problem, and Mangini, using a blackjack analogy, let his gambling quarterback know he shouldn't go for broke on every pass. "You talk through it. You just stress, don't hit on 20, you know what I mean?" Mangini said Wednesday. "Like, sometimes, it's OK to stay and see what the dealer has."

Or, more accurately, you don't hit on 21. Why Mangini has to use the kid gloves with Favre, a 39-year-old, 18-year vet, is a mystery. Seems like Brett's at the stage in his career where he could stand to hear, in very blunt terms, that throwing idiotic interceptions, is, well, idiotic.

Sure, this would make Peter King very sad, and he'd have to blog about it, but it would probably be in the Jets' best interest.

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