Eli Manning Says His Chest Is Fine

Good news for all your Giants fans not ready for the David Carr era to begin. Eli Manning said that although he took a nasty hit to his chest in the Monday night loss to the Browns, he will be ready for the Sunday showdown with San Francisco.

"Just a little sore and kind of on the left side, left shoulder/chest area. Just some soreness,' Manning said in his weekly interview with the Michael Kay Show. "Shaun Rogers is a big man. He gave me a good hit and kind of pile-drove me into the ground. I don't think it affected my play.

The hit he was referring to came in the second quarter when all 350 pounds of Rogers landed directly on Manning, who according to head coach Tom Coughlin, said after the game he was in pain from the hit. Eli had a MRI and X-rays on his chest and everything seems to be just peachy.

"Nothing major," he said of the diagnosis. "Nothing that's going to keep me out this week. We have practice tomorrow, so I'll be at practice going at full speed. Just some soreness. That's the major issue. ... Nothing broken, no sprains, nothing with the (throwing) shoulder. It's all on the left side anyway. I have good movement, I have my strength. It's really just a little banged up. There's not a technical word for it, I don't think. It's nothing that should cause anything to my throwing motion at all and shouldn't affect anything."

So, there you have it. I wonder if Brett Favre called Eli and told him he was sorry for the chest injury, but back in 1999 he actually had 11 ribs removed before a game and still threw two touchdowns. That's motivation my friends.

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