Carl Pavano Aims to Prove You Can Go Home Again (Or at Least to Florida)

Carl Pavano has been a running joke for four years. In his time with the Yankees, who signed him to a monstrous deal in 2005 (only to have it bought out making him a free agent this season), he's had almost as many injuries as wins ... only nine as a New York Yankee in four seasons.

Pavano's last good season was that walk year in '04, an 18-8 record with an ERA of 3.00. And Pavano is open to the idea of returning to the team he had that monster season with: the Florida Marlins.

"I look back at those four years with the Yankees, it was exhausting," he said. "But if I was healthy, no doubt about it, the team would have benefited and I would have benefited." (...)

"If they think I can help the team, it would be great. Obviously, I have great memories pitching with the Marlins," said Pavano, 32, who began his major-league career in Montreal under owner Jeffrey Loria, who owned the Expos before buying the Marlins.

It's amazing how many baseball changing moments this guy has been involved in. He was part of the package that Expos got from Boston in return for Pedro Martinez. He gave up Mark McGwire's 70th home run in '98. With the Marlins, he started the Bartman game. And he's now in the running for the title of "Biggest Free Agent Bust ... EVER!" But hey, if the Marlins will have him on the cheap, then maybe some good karma will come back his way as a fifth starter, instead of being on the wrong end of just about everything. I wouldn't hold my breath expecting another 18-8 season though.

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