Brett Favre and Bengals Have Traveled Much Different Roads Since Their First Meeting

The last time Brett Favre didn't start a game for his team was September 1992. That game was against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Packers starter Don Majkowski injured his ankle early in the game and Favre was inserted into the game. Despite everyone's glowing review of that performance, Favre fumbled four times and Green Bay fans were chanting for third string QB Ty Detmer.

However, Favre's legend was born when, trailing 23-17 with just over a minute remaining, he led the Packers on a 92-yard drive that ended with a game winning touchdown pass. Favre has since started the next 257 games for the Packers and Jets.

Favre will see the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday in pretty much the exact state as that day in 1992.

The Bengals were coming off a 3-13 season, two years removed from an AFC Central division title and four years removed from a Super Bowl appearance. Since then, the Bengals have had one winning season in 17 years and they are already off to a 0-5 start. They've been one of the biggest laughinstocks of the league and even an embarassment to their fans.

Before Favre took over the Packers, they had just one playoff appearance in the last 20 years -- and that was in the strike shortened 1982 season. They had just two winning seasons from 1973-1991. He would go on to lead the Packers to a 9-7 record in 1992.

Favre has gone on to win one Super Bowl and play in another. He has three MVP awards and nearly every passing record on the books. In his 16 years as a starter in Green Bay, he led the Packers to 11 postseason appearances and just one losing season.

The only thing that will seem different on Sunday will be Favre wearing a New York Jets jersey and a lot of gray in his hair. Favre is the NFL's top-rated passer and has the Jets in position to be a playoff contender. The Bengals again have the worst record in the league.

So if you need a reason to get up for the Bengals-Jets game, maybe have your own throwback day. Take it back to 1992 with some Zubaz pants, put on your Nirvana, Dr. Dre or Alice In Chains album, watch Wayne's World on Saturday night and break out some Crystal Pepsi.

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