Another Concussion for Laveranues Coles

The biggest medical focus in the NFL right now is infection. Tom Brady and Kellen Winslow have turned viral bugs into the biggest thing to hit America since Sarah Palin. That's left the previous injury hotlist leader, the concussion, to scramble for traction in today's disjointed world.

Thank god for Laveranues Coles, then. He won't let the danger of head injuries recede into the background on his watch! Coles suffered his third concussion in two years during last week's loss to the Raiders and was out of practice all week. I say was because Coles took part in a limited form at yesterday's practice and his status for Sunday is still up in the air.

It shouldn't be. I'll take the risk of Troy Polamalu calling me a "pansy" if it means that Coles is healthier in the long run for being a little bit more cautious in the short term. Coles shouldn't be playing that soon after a concussion, no matter what it does to a Jets offense that's still flailing for an identity halfway through the season. If they can't beat the Chiefs without Coles, they aren't going anywhere anyway and if they do beat the Chiefs, they'll need Coles down the road against better opposition.

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