Ex-Yankee Jim Leyritz Heads to Prison

Jim Leyritz headed to jail on Friday after a Florida judge revoked the bond from his DUI manslaughter case on Thursday. Leyritz tested positive for alcohol while driving, a violation of the bond and, therefore, his freedom. 

Although Leyritz was drunk at the time of the accident that killed Fredia Veitch in December 2007, it was possible to feel some sympathy for him. Veitch was also drunk at the time, which made it seem like Leyritz was facing charges simply because he wasn't killed, and it is hardly a slam dunk that he was at fault for the fatal accident. If nothing else, both people involved in the accident were case studies for why it is better to call a cab than get behind the wheel after a night of drinking. 

In articles following the accident, Leyritz wondered how he was going to support his children with the income he lost after being charged with manslaughter. That was another reason to feel some sympathy, because no child should be forced to suffer because they had the bad fortune of being born to any particular person.

By repeating his mistake, however, Leyritz forfeits any sympathy. How will he be able to support those kids from a prison cell? 
If he doesn't get sent to jail after the manslaughter trial, he should be sent directly to an alcohol treatment program because he's clearly got a self-destructive issue with liqour. 

Having a drop of alcohol, regardless of driving, was enough for Leyritz to have the bond revoked, which should tell you just how much Leyritz needs help. Hopefully he'll get it, deal with the consequences of his actions and get his life in order.

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