Did Brett Favre Grease the Skids for Eric Mangini?

It's clear that the marriage between the Jets and Brett Favre didn't work out as planned. Favre closed the season playing more like a fourth-stringer than a future Hall of Famer, which played a major role in the 1-4 record that led to Eric Mangini's firing on Monday morning.

When owner Woody Johnson and GM Mike Tannenbaum announced the move, they made it clear that they hoped to have Favre back for another go in 2009. Basically, it sounded like they chose to blame Mangini, not Favre, for the team's demise. It's a decision that may have been forced to make if a report from FOX's Jay Glazer is true.

Glazer reported Sunday that Favre wasn't happy playing for a strict coach like Mangini. Favre didn't like being called out for his mistakes, didn't like being quizzed about upcoming assignments and, in short, didn't like anything about playing for Mangini.

For a guy who for all intents and purposes earned the right to be treated like a king in Green Bay and treated with a certain respect not bestowed upon others, this approach must be quite the awkward awakening. In Green Bay, Favre had his own locker room area to dress, an office area among other perks. He certainly wasn't called out.

Putting aside Favre's hurt feelings, you have to wonder how that will affect the Jets coaching search? It will be very hard to hire someone who also believes that all 53 men play a role in a team's success if they insist that Favre returns as the team's starting quarterback in 2009.

If the team does insist on Favre, you have to question if wins and losses are driving the decisions or if the focus is on selling PSL's and seats to the new stadium. Favre's celebrity is far greater than his productivity at this point in time and the Jets need more than that from their quarterback.  

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