Curry's Lost Season Now Extends Beyond Basketball

Eddy Curry is experiencing the worst year of his life. 

An additional chapter of awful has been added to a tough year for the New York Knicks center. The mother of Curry's 3-year-old son and her infant daughter were found murdered at her South Side Chicago apartment on Saturday. This personal tragedy comes on the heels of a miserable year both on and off the court for Curry.

Curry has played in just one game this year for the Knicks. His role on the team has morphed from starter and offensive focal point to useless symbol of the previous regime's futility. He's basically become a seven-foot, 290-pound paperweight. Unlike the malignant Starbury, Curry has never caused lockerroom problems for the Knicks aside from his not being as good a basketball player as everyone would like.

After suffering the indignity of playing caddy to Knicks forward/center Jared Jeffries, Curry has been embroiled in a sensational, and seemingly ludicrous, sexual harassment charge by his former chauffeur. Curry's ex-driver has a rap sheet, and holes riddled throughout his story, but the well compensated big man's friends and family still have to read about how he allegedly held a gun to his driver's head to force sexual activity.  

It appears that the turmoil in his life has reached a pressure point. His personal life has made it's way to the front pages of the newspaper, while his dismal NBA season has been cannon fodder for the back pages. Would it be shocking to see the 26-year-old Curry retire from the NBA? Nobody would blame him for at least taking an extended leave of absence.

My condolences go out to Mr. Curry and his family. Whatever he decides to do, hopefully 2009 will have significantly warmer fortunes ahead for him. It can't be any worse than the last 12 months? Can it?

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