Curry Will Return to Practice Next Week

Eddy Curry's been in the news a lot this season, but rarely because of basketball. He's been accused of stiffing a clothing store, sued for sexual harassment by his driver and, most recently, found out that his ex-girlfriend and daughter were murdered while his young son watched.

That would be enough to send a lot of people running for the hills, as would the conditioning and knee problems that have sidelined Curry for all but one game this season. He's still hoping to salvage something from this season, though, and said he'll return to practice following the All-Star Break. 

"This is the time I'm really looking forward to it," Curry said. "I wish I could just take a magic pill and make my legs better and make me go out and do what I need to do. I'm enjoying all my time around these guys and organization because it's like a safe house for me." 

It may provide refuge from the painful things in his life, but there doesn't appear to be much chance that he'll actually do anything of note on the court. Even if his mind is right, his body and game are terrible fits for the Knicks system. Unless the current five-game losing streak continues, the Knicks will be trying for a playoff spot when Curry is ready to return. That doesn't leave time for Curry playing himself into shape, especially when the Knicks won't be able to trade him. 

It would be a super story if Curry came back from all of the troubles in his life and helped the Knicks win some games. If life was a movie, that's exactly what would happen. Alas, reality isn't quite so cinematic and Curry's year wind up being a lost one.  

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