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Yankee Fans Wait Days in Line for Tickets, Told None Available

We wouldn't want to be the official who had to give them that news



    A Truly New York Line: Yankee Fans Wait for Tickets

    Some fans were coughing, some fought over umbrellas and some told others to watch where they were going. Watch what happens when they find out there are no tickets available. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2009)

    What do you get when you have a bunch of cranky Yankee fans waiting in poor weather for tickets to the World Series and an official comes and says there aren't any to be had?

    A spontaneous chant of frustration: "Hell No! We won't go!"

    Drenched and tired Yankee fans waited days in front of the ticket booth at Yankee Stadium, praying some seats for the World Series would become available.

    Some fans slept in tents and virtually everyone had some form of rain gear. They waited for hours, prepared to shell out hundreds, even thousands of dollars, for a ticket to the big game.

    There was some order to the chaos. Fans signed a book with a corresponding number next to it. That number represented where you stood in line.

    A little after 9 a.m., a stadium employee had the dubious honor of announcing to the crowd, "there are no tickets available" at this time. He went on to say he would let everyone know if some became available later.

    The crowd exploded with chants and taunts. Nancy Wandell, a woman from Jersey City who said she had a 102-degree fever but waited for tickets anyway, said she was "ready to kick the door down." 

    But nothing crazy happened.

    As one fan said, "I waited out here for three days, I can wait some more."

    Good luck with that.

    Meanwhile, the city is hoping hundreds of fans will come out in the soggy weather for a pep rally for the Bronx Bombers today in Times Square. It all begins at 12:30 p.m., and Mayor Michael Bloomberg will be on hand to show his Pinstripe pride (and his pinstriped poncho). And if you don't feel like going out in the rain, watch the rally live on NBCNewYork.com and dance and cheer around your living room (or office).