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Time For Jets to Put Past Behind Them

Everything's about the next five games



    Time For Jets to Put Past Behind Them
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    Keep moving forward, by any means necessary.

    We've spent 11 games analyzing every little thing that the Jets have done and, hopefully, you've gotten your fill.

    The time for analysis is done because looking back has absolutely no value for the Jets. The past is prologue and the next five weeks have to be about the three feet in front of them if they're going to salvage their season.

    Now isn't the time to focus on everything that has gone wrong because none of it matters anymore. Once you're in the playoffs, no one cares about how you got there because, as the Jets know as well as anyone, anything can happen once you get there.

    Were the expectations set too high by those inside and outside the organization? Probably, but there's no way to put the milk back into the bottle. Learn the lesson for future seasons and just concentrate on the here and now. 

    Isn't there a chance it will all wind up being for naught without help from other teams? Absolutely, but, again, nothing you can do about that now. All the Jets can do is take care of their business because there's no way to make it to the playoffs without winning at least four of the next five games.

    You can go on and on with concerns about Mark Sanchez, the running game, a defense that isn't quite as scary as in past years and messy special teams. All of those things have been highly problematic and any one of them can derail this train, but there's no way you're going to fix the issues while also winning the games you need to win.

    The micro issues are what matters no. Stopping Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan from crushing Sanchez, making sure that the secondary is in position to take advantage of Rex Grossman's mistakes and keeping the Shonn Greene/LaDainian Tomlinson duo humming on the ground are good places to start.

    It's hard to just turn the page, but that's exactly what the Jets have to do before Sunday's game. If they win, they'll just have to do it all over again because each week is like a mini-season for them.

    And if they lose? Then we'll have plenty of time to go over all the things that went wrong because chances are it will be a good long time before the Jets play a game of serious import again.

    Josh Alper is a writer living in New York City. You can follow him on Twitter and he is also a contributor to Pro Football Talk.

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