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D-Wade: My Decision's Based on 40 Years, Not 10



    D-Wade: My Decision's Based on the Next 40 Years, Not 10

    Free Agent Dywane Wade, in Chicago for the weekend, discusses his decision-making process. (Published Saturday, July 3, 2010)

    D-Wade plays chess, not checkers.

    The much sought-after free agent, fresh off two meetings with the Bulls, says his decision on where to play is based on what's good for his long-term future.

    "At the end of the day your decision goes on what's best for you and your family," Wade said outside Trump Tower Saturday morning. "I think that the organizations I've been brought in to meet with are all good organizations. And all can add something to my life, and not just basketball-wise. I understand that if myself and another guy and we have some good players around we'll be good. To me it's about what makes forty years of my life and not just about the next ten."

    Asked whether Chicago had a better chance because he grew up here, Wade admitted the city had a certain resonance in his heart.

    "I love Chicago ...  this is the place where my vision of becoming an NBA player came true," Wade said. "I think a lot of people surprised of it because of certain comments and the way that things have been portrayed in the media," referring to comments he made in May questioning whether the Bulls were loyal to their former players.

    "It was one of the first things addressed in the meeting," Wade said. "We've cleared it up, and they totally understand what I was saying. It's over."

    Wade said he had a tough decision ahead of him.

    "I can't say it's hard to be wanted," Wade said. "It's a good problem to have."

    Meanwhile, in Cleveland, the Bulls met with LeBron James for almost three hours. Bulls management left without saying a word.