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It's On: Thompson Compares Bloomberg to Bush



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    The race is heating up.

    Oh no, he didn't.

    Yes, he did. With less than a month to go before the mayoral election, Democratic candidate Bill Thompson is pulling out all the stops. In a rousing campaign speech yesterday, the underdog likened Bloomberg to former President George W. Bush.

    The mayor "lied to us and he betrayed our trust," Thompson said, speaking of Bloomberg's efforts to change campaign laws so he could run for a third term, reports the Daily News. "Not since George [W.] Bush and the Republicans stole the election from Al Gore in 2000 has there been such an egregious electoral abuse of power."

    Thompson railed against Bloomberg, saying the move to change the law is "the worst kind of politics" – a direct assault on the mayor's campaign slogan of "Progress. Not Politics."

    Bill Thompson's New TV Ads Hit Hard

    [NY] Bill Thompson's New TV Ads Hit Hard
    The Democratic challenger is going after Mayor Mike where it hurts -- term limits.
    (Published Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2009)

    Bloomberg, who just unveiled a new attack ad slamming Thompson for allegedly flip-flopping on taxes, didn't have much of a reaction to his rival comparing him to the former Republican president. In fact, he said he didn't even hear it, reports the News.

    "He's got a right to his opinions ... The voters are going to have their opportunity to say something in 26 days," Bloomberg told the paper. "The bottom line is the city is a lot better than it was eight years ago," he added.

    Thompson supporters don't necessarily dispute that, but they say, "Eight is enough."

    The Democratic challenger rolled out his first attack ad earlier this week. One focuses on how Bloomberg had the term-limits law changed so he could run again. The other says New Yorkers are being squeezed by fees and taxes.

    Bloomberg has been attacking Thompson on the airwaves for weeks. He has spent $64.8 million -- 16 times more money than Thompson.