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Ethics Committee Widens Investigation Into Rangel



    Ethics Committee Widens Investigation Into Rangel
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    Charles Rangel - uncertain future after years of power.

    Sorry Charlie, you may have gotten a reprieve yesterday but the problems just keep on coming.

    The House ethics committee has expanded its investigation of Rep. Charles Rangel to include his revisions to financial statements that revealed assets and income not previously reported.

    The move comes a day after congressional Democrats were able to divert a GOP sponsored resolution that called for Rangel to to surrender his chairmanship of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee.

    That resolution was introduced by Texas Republican John Carter and was never expected to pass in the Democratically controlled Congress. But, it signals a new era in a GOP campaign against the veteran lawmaker because of questions over his financial dealings. Democrats were able to refer the resolution to the ethics committee.

    So Thursday's probe expansion only added to the troubles of the Harlem congressman,  who is becoming an increasing political burden to fellow Democrats.

    The committee also disclosed it has authorized nearly 150 subpoenas in the investigation of Rangel, has interviewed some 34 witnesses and reviewed more than 12,000 pages of documents.

    The ethics committee has expanded the investigation several times, concentrating previously on alleged financial improprieties and fundraising irregularities.