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New Fields Mean More Playtime at Randall's Island

Atheletes and kids joined city officials Wednesday to unveil 60 new sports fields on Randall's Island. Red Bulls soccer players, Yankees star players and Tennis Hall of Famers made appearances at the ceremony. 

The ribbon cutting marks the end of a three-year, $130 million dollar undertaking by the Randall's Island Sports Fields Development Project. 

The new state of the art fields will accommodate softball, field hockey, rugby, cricket, lacrosse, soccer, and baseball. This is the largest city-funded initiative dedicated towards new sports fields in the city.

Organizers hope the fields will meet the demand for athletic facilities in the state and offer New York kids an opportunity to be active. Over 100 children from youth sports leagues are expected to benefit from the upgrade.

Yankees players Mariano Rivera and Robinson Cano, Red Bulls soccer players Carlos Mendes, John Wolyniec, and Kevin Goldthwaite, and tennis legend John MeEnroe were present.

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