We're Gonna Have to Wait Just a Bit longer for “The Beaver”

We've been patiently awaiting the arrival of Mel Gibson's next film for months now, another six or seven weeks won't kill us.

The release of "The Beaver," in which Gibson plays the CEO of a toy manufacturer who's struggling with depression and only finds his voice via a beaver handpuppet, has been pushed back from March 23 to May 6.

The move was necessitated by Jodie Foster, the film's director and co-star, being in Europe shooting "God of Carnage," reported Deadline. Lest you think this is some BS excuse to hide problems with the film, it's still planning to show at SXSW.

In the grand scheme of things we don't really care about the move, but it's too bad "The Beaver" will now have to go up against "Thor," rather than "Sucker Punch," which won't be sucking up as much attention upon its release.

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